Conflict vs Character

conflictConflict versus Character

Recently I was umpiring a 12u baseball game, all of a sudden I was engaged in conflict. Thinking back about it, I ask myself a question. Is it really worth it? I’m talking about my character. Almost all good relationships need conflict and not the epic battle style of conflict. The conflicts that bring characters alive are the smaller conflicts that occur between two people, or a small group. Conflict adds incredible amount of depth to character. Whether work, home, play or church we all encounter conflict from time to time.

What happens when we are faced with roadblocks? Roadblocks tell us to slow down, be patient, or maybe take another route. We don’t just give up and quit. We need to be professional and not personal when it comes to conflicts in the work place. Personal attacks can lead to more problems.

The way our character reacts reveals a lot about the person we are. There is nothing wrong with good conflict. It can be a direct result of the action taking to resolve a situation.

In our agency, there will be conflict between us and our peers from time to time, but we can use this to strengthen our team. Conflicts aren’t fun, and we try to avoid them at all cost, however they can bring unity, communication, and cooperation back to the team.

           Here are 4 ways to have good conflict.

  • Talk with the other person/group
  • Listen Carefully
  • Identify key points of the disagreement/argument
  • Find common ground

– Ronnie Sadler, Performance Management & Training

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