Chattin’ with Greg – April 2016

Chattin’ with Greg – April 2016

FDOT and FICE (Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers) meet many times throughout the year to provide net-working opportunities and discuss our business needs. One of the main events each year is the GregRegional Meetings for Districts 2 and 3 that is held in the Burns Building at Central Office. The primary attendees are professional service firms working in or pursuing work in Districts 2 or 3. Larry and Phil along with Directors from District 3 sat on panels to respond to questions relating to topics such as quality of work, etc. District 3 Secretary Tommy Barfield and I were given the opportunity to address the group on any subject we felt appropriate. I really appreciated this opportunity to speak freely, which is my style. To the group, I conveyed some of my ideas relating to marketing strategies. 

Following the Regional Meeting, the FICE members were asked to participate in a survey to gauge the effectiveness of the meeting. The FICE members were also given the opportunity to submit written comments. Earlier this week, I was provided the results of the survey and the written comments. Overall, the FICE members felt the conference was beneficial, appreciated the net-working opportunity and looked forward to working for FDOT.  However, as with most surveys with written comments, there is usually one that really burns your rear-end. One of the FICE members submitted “FDOT, quit whining about pay. Go work for a Consultant and give up that retirement plan and work 60 hours a week. If you have a problem paying consultants, do the work in-house.”  

I’ll let you form your own opinion. 

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