Overland Bridge: New traffic pattern for I-95 southbound after Fuller Warren Bridge

As part of the Overland Bridge project, motorists need to be alert to two new Interstate 95 southbound roadways that opened over the weekend (January 13). Travelers wanting to take Atlantic Boulevard or U.S. 1 (Philips Highway) will now have to make an earlier decision immediately after the San Marco Boulevard exit on the Fuller Warren Bridge, and stay in the right lane to access any local exits. If you miss your exit, your next recovery will be the Emerson Street exit.

Motorists not needing to take any local exits will stay in the left three newly constructed through traffic lanes to bypass all exits.

As this new split will require motorists to make a new decision that did not exist before, travelers should stay alert, read the visual message boards, overhead signs and follow the posted speed limit through the construction zone.

Please see map for details.




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