Spotlight on LAP Projects – Putnam County

We are highlighting Putnam County and getting a closer look at their current Local Agency Program transportation projects.

Local Program projects are different from the normal DOT projects because Local Program projects allow the local agency (county) to use the funds for their own streets and community needs.  These type of projects allow the local agency to directly manage the project with FDOT personnel only overseeing the local agency ensuring they are following all state and federal regulations.

Putnam County is an area located in Northeast Central Florida right along the St. Johns River. Home to over 70,000 people! Putnam is an up and coming rural area with Palatka as the county seat and several unique municipalities such as Crescent City, Interlachen, Pomona Park, and Welaka.

Updating and maintaining infrastructure is a critical part of any growing area.  With cooperation from the Department of Transportation’s Program Management Department and Putnam County’s local officials, there are a lot of new projects in the coming future. Below are a few of them.

  • We will be upgrading signage and pavement markings along CR 20A from SR 20 East of Hawthorne to SR 20 West of Interlachen. This project will provide a safer roadway and will be a great benefit to the community.  Construction for this project is scheduled to commence around March 2018.
  • In the coming years, a bike path/trail will be constructed along St. Johns Avenue from Francis Sport Complex to SR19. This 2.3 mile trail will be a great asset to the community providing a safe recreational path.  Construction is scheduled to commence in 2020.
  • In an effort to expand the bike/pedestrian network in Crescent City, we anticipate being able to connect existing bike/pedestrian facilities in the area. Our goal is to make improvements that increase the safety of our bicycling and pedestrian population. Local trails are an excellent way to enjoy nature and get exercise!
  • A widening and resurfacing project on CR 216 from SR 100 to US 17 is currently being advertised for construction. The project is expected to be completed in the Spring of 2019 which will improve truck traffic on the road and support economic development in that part of the county.

These are not the only projects in Putnam County. There are currently thirteen federal and state funded local projects underway totaling approximately $15,000,000. With so many projects in different stages of completion, there is a variety of different infrastructure constantly being created and improved. All of these new roads, updated routes, and improvements are sure to provide a safer network for our traveling public going to and through the communities of Putnam County.

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