Heckscher Drive/A1A Timucuan Trail construction starts this week

FDOT begins construction Thursday of a fifth segment of the Timucuan Trail, a multi-use bike and walking path, on the east side of Heckscher Drive (State Road A1A) from the Fort George River Bridge to Little Talbot Island State Park.


East side of A1A along the future path of a new segment of the Timucuan Trail

The project includes construction of a 12-foot-wide path from the western foot of the Fort George River Bridge to the existing trail in Little Talbot Island State Park. At the bridge, the trail will connect to an existing path that loops under the bridge to the adjoining Fort George River Bridge parking lot on the west side of Heckscher Drive. The project also includes landscaping, sidewalk and drainage improvements, and the installation of bike racks and benches at landing/rest areas under and at the bridge.


Western foot ot the Fort George River Bridge


Path under the bridge where the trail will connect

The one mile trail is part of the overall Timucuan Trail system which will eventually connect Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park in Duval County to the Amelia Island Trail in Nassau County. It consists of 10 to 12-foot wide paved paths along 20 miles of State Road A1A, connecting to parking areas, trailheads and the Mayport ferry, along the way. The Timucuan Trail is a component of the larger trail network known as the East Coast Greenway, stretching from Florida to Maine.


East side of A1A at the bridge

Superior Construction Company, LLC of Jacksonville will begin the $1.8 million project December 1. It is scheduled for completion, weather permitting, in summer 2017.

Construction will occur weekdays and possibly some weekends from approximately 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. with the majority of work being done on the road shoulders. Some lane closures on Heckscher Drive may be necessary but are not allowed from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Sunday.


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