FDOTree – Transportation means more than just building a road

FDOTree_logo.pngIt’s easy to get frustrated when you’re driving through a construction zone and all you see are orange barricades, construction vehicles and a clearing where trees and vegetation once existed. No one wants to see vegetation and trees be completely decimated by a work zone. That’s where FDOTree comes in.

FDOTree is a new initiative by FDOT’s District Two. Through Secretary Evans’ leadership, FDOTree demonstrates a commitment to our state’s natural beauty and lush vegetation that Florida is known for.

FDOT has a team of experienced landscape architects whose sole responsibility is to beautify transportation projects. In support of these architects, FDOTree seeks to:

  • Establish a long-term commitment to FDOT roadway landscapes in northeast Florida
  • Seek, plan and promote aesthetic opportunities early in roadway design
  • Identify, conserve and protect existing vegetation along FDOT roadways
  • Provide public information and education
  • Emphasize a comprehensive planning approach
  • Deliver sustainable landscaped corridors throughout the District


FDOT District Two values the opinions and views of the 1.9 million residences in northeast Florida, that’s why we will be out in the community to share our vision for future projects and, as best we can, keep our transportation corridors natural and appealing.

According to state statute, FDOT is required to commit 1.5 percent of a construction budget to landscape and post-construction beautification. Through FDOTree, we hope to educate construction crews on which vegetation and trees near a project can be preserved. This has several benefits, but primarily by preserving these trees it maintains our natural beauty.

Do you like this initiative? Let us know! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, leave a comment below and tell a friend. FDOTree is about enhancing our communities and ensuring sustainability for years to come, we will all benefit from this initiative. For more information visit: www.nflroads.com/FDOTree

Artist Rendering of a landscape project.png

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