Enjoy Memorial Day travels in Florida

I-95 Welcome Center DSC_3482-1Whether you’re commuting in Florida or visiting, Florida Department of Transportation and our partners want to make sure you are safe.  Here is some key information to help.

First, if you travel into Florida, why not stop by our welcome centers on Interstates 95, 75 and 10?  You can gather some great information and our hosts are very cordial.  This is part of being the “Sunshine State.”

I-75 Welcome Center

Florida’s I-75 Welcome Center is a great place to take a break while traveling into Florida.

Most of the travelers arriving at the welcome centers ask for brochures and information about various points of interest, as you would imagine.  It’s interesting that many of the questions are about toll passes and if Florida accepts the one from their respective states.  There are a few that are accepted.  More information is available at www.SunPass.com.  The welcome centers have SunPass vending machines located in the vending area.

One of the many safety emphases in Florida focuses on safety belt usage.  Please!  Ensure every occupant is in his or her proper safety restraint.  “BUCKLEUP FLORIDA”

Also, this Memorial Day weekend more vehicles are expected on our highways.  Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) reminds motorists to avoid distracted driving.

As part of this emphasis, June 1 marks the first anniversary of Safe Phone Zones in Florida.

In 2015, GEICO sponsored Safe Phone Zones in Florida’s 64 rest areas, welcome centers, and turnpike service plazas as “Safe Phone Zones”. This provides a place where drivers can safely and conveniently use their phones and other mobile devices for calling, texting, navigating, and accessing mobile apps.

I-95 Welcome Center

Florida’s I-95 Welcome Center hosts welcome guests and returning residents with great hospitality.

Assistant Secretary for Engineering and Operations, Brian Blanchard said, “This Memorial Day weekend, families and visitors will travel on our roadways to spend time together and celebrate the beginning of summer. Keeping our motorists safe is our top priority and we encourage Floridians to use our designated Safe Phone Zones when using their mobile devices.”

Highway signs identifying the facilities as, “Safe Phone Zones,” and carrying the GEICO logo are placed in advance of the facilities to remind motorists to pull off in order to use their cell phones in a safe location. In 2013, Florida law banned the use of mobile devices while driving and Safe Phone Zones help prevent distracted driving and save lives.

“People are connected to their mobile devices today more than ever, and an unfortunate side effect of that is the rise in accidents attributed to distracted driving,” said Ted Ward, GEICO vice president of marketing. “We believe Safe Phone Zones reflect GEICO’s commitment to protecting drivers by offering them a safe place off the roadways where they can check emails, make calls and view texts. We are proud to expand our support of this sponsorship in 2016 to help make the highways safe for all drivers.”

For more information on Safe Phone Zones and Distracted Driving in Florida, visit http://www.dot.state.fl.us/safety/2A-Programs/Distracted-Driving.shtm.

I-95 Welcome Center Lobby Many guests who have traveled into Florida previously make it a ritual when they return, or routine at least, to stop and taste some good ol’ Florida orange juice.  Florida residents like it as well.  I-75 Welcome Center DSC_3509-1

Don’t forget to try the grapefruit juice, too.

The friendly welcome center staff will be some of the first people visitors meet in Florida; we know they’ll make a good impression.

It’s also important to check on the latest traffic information too so you can learn how to enhance your journey.

So, Florida has a lot to offer and we welcome you with open arms.  We sure want your travels to be safe, enjoyable and memorable.  Be safe out there and WELCOME!




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