State Road 207 resurfacing and bridge work begins May 4

A resurfacing and improvement project on State Road 207, from Old Hastings Road at the Putnam County line to Cowpen Branch Road in St. Johns County, is scheduled to start Wednesday, weather permitting. The three mile long project also includes replacing the southern and northern approaches to Deep Creek Bridge, located south of State Road 206.

During construction of the new bridge approaches, which includes upgrades to the existing guardrail end-treatments, traffic will be shifted to temporary lanes reduced to one-way in each direction over the bridge.

The project also includes installing bicycle lanes along the construction limits, and adding bicycle “keyhole” lanes at four locations. Bicycle “keyhole” lanes are designated bike lanes between through-lanes and right turn-lanes. The added safety features will be constructed adjacent to the north and southbound right-turn lanes at the Morrison Road intersection, and the right-turn lanes at St. Johns Avenue and State Road 206.

Keyhole lane

An example of a bicycle keyhole lane between a through-lane and right-turn lane.


Additionally, 8-inch rumble stripes will be ground into the existing outside and inside 6-inch shoulder lines from north of Hastings to State Road 206. Rumble striping is a safety improvement feature utilized to reduce the frequency of crashes involving vehicles leaving their lane. The grooves cause a vibration and sound when drivers drift from their lane, lessening the likelihood of vehicles running off the outside shoulder.

Shoulder line rumble stripe

An example of a shoulder-line rumble stripe.


Drivers should expect daytime lane closures Monday through Friday, during the duration of the project, however, no lane closures are scheduled from 6:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. weekdays. The speed limit will be reduced to 45 mph in the construction zone from north of Hastings to south of Spuds.

Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) $4 million project is scheduled to be complete in winter 2016. Halifax Paving, Inc. of Ormond Beach is the contractor.



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