Road Rangers to the Rescue

A Florida Department of Transportation public information officer and area print reporter had the opportunity to ride along with Road Ranger Cody Parham with the First Coast Road Rangers as we patrolled the northeast Florida area around Jacksonville.  

These particular days in late February when we rode with Cody were mild concerning roadway incidents.  We could hear some on the radio but they were not part of our patrol on this day.  However, we were able to assist a couple of stranded motorists within the two hours we patrolled.   

The highlight of this particular patrol during the short time we rode along occurred when we happened upon a stranded motorist on the west side of the I-295 Buckman Bridge, on Jacksonville’s south side near Orange Park.

The event was radioed to the regional traffic management center and another Road Ranger, Rick Tripp, was called to help as part of a team effort.

Rick was quick to respond. 

Rangers are cautious as they take extra precautions to protect themselves and others.  They keep their eyes on the traffic that approaches – sometimes at high rates of speed.  The move over law does help most of the time. 

Today most of the drivers moved over for the service vehicles, which was encouraging, particularly since we were right up against the barrier wall and within a few feet of passing vehicles. 

Thanks to all the motorists who stay alert and aware of potential traffic hazards – and allowing those who assist others as well as those who need assistance – to arrive home to their families safely. 

The First Coast Road Rangers primarily patrol within the Jacksonville urban area as part of incident management to keep our Interstate traffic flowing. 

Contact Road Rangers by calling *347 or *FHP. 

Special thanks to FDOT District Two Traffic Operations team, Regional Transportation Management Center and FolioWeekly. Visit to read “The Ranger Zone” online, or click here to find a location near you to pick up a copy.  




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