Meet FDOT Northeast Florida’s community liaisons

Motorists who travel I-95 or I-295 in Jacksonville have a front row seat to some of the most ambitious, complex projects FDOT Northeast Florida has ever undertaken. The Overland Bridge replacement project, the improvements at I-95 and Butler Blvd., and the express lanes being built on I-295 between I-95 and the Buckman Bridge each require the skilled efforts of an extensive project team to balance the interests of nearby residents, businesses, and the heavy volume of traffic traveling these roads daily as work is ongoing.

In 2015, FDOT added a new role to these teams to communicate directly with the stakeholders surrounding these projects. Community liaisons are plugged into the project team comprised of FDOT project managers, designers, inspectors, and contractors, providing regular updates and fielding questions from community members. These liaisons provide valuable support to the most complex projects taking place in Northeast Florida.


Traci Missildine Lauren Bankert
I-95 and Butler Blvd. interchange improvements
Project hotline: 904-491-2133,
Overland Bridge replacement project
Project hotline: 904-491-2110,
(904) 360-5482
I-295 Express Lanes between Buckman Bridge and I-95
Upcoming projects:
I-295 Express Lanes between Butler Blvd. and State Road 9B
Interchange improvements at I-95 and I-10 and the widening of the Fuller Warren Bridge

Traci and Lauren are available to address questions or concerns from motorists, residents, business owners and employees, community groups, or anyone else who may have an interest in these projects. Media organizations should refer to the contacts available at for comment.


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