FDOT Salutes Veterans

Veterans Day

FDOT Secretary Jim Boxold expresses appreciation for veterans and reiterates Governor Scott’s support.

As we take time to reflect on our U.S. military, our veterans and respective families, we realize thousands of them continue serving around the world to help ensure our national security.  Florida Department of Transportation salutes our veterans who serve and have served faithfully and honorably.

Captain David Robertson

David Robertson is a Captain with the Florida National Guard .

FDOT’s District Two, Northeast Florida, is proud of its members currently serving and who have served.   One of our own District Two members still serving and deployed overseas is Captain David Robertson. He is Chief Attorney with District Two and is serving with the Florida National Guard. Governor Scott recognized the contributions of Captain Robertson and the members of the 2nd Battalion, 124th Infantry Regiment and the 153rd Cavalry Squadron in August as they prepared to depart for an overseas mission.

Florida Flag

Florida flag is proudly displayed at a deployed location.

Governor Rick Scott said, “I am proud to see the State Flag of Florida flying over the Battalion Headquarters and hope it reminds the Florida National Guard members serving overseas that we are praying for their safe return. I join all Floridians in thanking these brave men and women for their service and for answering the call to protect our families and communities.”

Many engineers and construction workers involved with FDOT projects are veterans and many continue to serve in various military positions alike.  We thank them for their service and dedication to the state and nation.  Many reflect the pride in our nation as reflected in the photo below.

Thank YOU!

Dozer and Flag

A dozer working the First Coast Expressway expresses the American pride.


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