Express lanes – the choice is yours

Florida Department of Transportation hosted a public meeting Nov. 5, 2015 to discuss proposed express lanes on Interstate 95 between International Golf Parkway in St. Johns County and Interstate 295 in Duval County.

If built, the I-95 express lanes will be the third project where the express lane concept will help alleviate traffic congestion in the Jacksonville area. The I-295 project between the Buckman Bridge and I-95 South is currently under construction. See for details.

Under the express lanes concept, roads are widened and additional lanes are constructed. For motorists, that means the price to drive in those lanes changes based on the level of congestion at different times of the day, observing basic principles of supply and demand.

Most importantly, express lanes are about personal choices. Of course, when drivers move into the express lanes they will free up capacity in the general use lanes.

That’s the crux of the case for express lanes – the choice is yours.

Check out this video of the I-95 Express Lanes discussion from November 5.


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