Overland Bridge Project FAQ

In January 2013, FDOT began to replace the series of overpasses that carry traffic over Hendricks, Kings and Montana avenues along 2.3 miles of I-95 near downtown Jacksonville in Duval County.

Known as the Overland Bridge project, it will improve traffic flow along the I-95 corridor just south of the Fuller Warren Bridge. I-95 is being widened to provide an additional lane for southbound traffic. As the project is built, traffic uses parallel roadways which, upon completion of the I-95 bridge structures, will remain and provide additional capacity for traffic between the Fuller Warren Bridge and north of Emerson Street. Construction is expected to end in late 2016/early 2017. Visit the project website.

When will the new northbound service lanes be open to traffic? The new lanes will be open to traffic this winter. At this time, traffic will shift off the existing I-95 northbound lanes to the new service lanes. This shift will allow for the demolition of the existing (old) Overland Bridge structure and the construction of the new structure.

When will the US-1/Philips Highway exit ramp re-open? The I-95 southbound exit ramp to US-1/Philips Highway is scheduled to reopen in January 2016.

Project Team Members:

The Overland Bridge Replacement Project is being completed in partnership with:

  • FDOT District Two
  • Archer Western Contractors, Inc. of Tampa (Contractor)
  • RS&H, Inc. of Jacksonville (Designer)
  • Eisman & Russo, Inc. and KCCS of Jacksonville (Construction Management Services)

If you have any questions, please contact the project hotline at (904) 491-2110, or email info@overlandbridge95.com.

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