Center Lane Rumble Stripe

The Florida Department of Transportation recently completed a rumble-striping project on State Road 121 in Union County. The project included over 12 miles of roadway just north of State Road 100 in Lake Butler. This stretch of road consists of one lane in each direction, with a double-yellow line in the middle, except in passing zones.

Project coordinators were careful to divert traffic around the construction area to avoid closing any lanes while construction was taking place. The first step was to add the rumble stripe to the edge lines in both directions. The addition of the rumble stripes on the edge lines help to alert drivers that they may be inadvertently drifting onto the shoulder.

A special construction vehicle was brought in that had a grinder on the back to grind the rumble stripe into the road. Behind this was a vacuum truck with a brush and vacuum head, which assisted in cleaning debris from the area. Following the vacuum truck was a paint truck that re-painted the lanes. The paint went straight over the rumble stripes, so the lanes are still clearly visible while driving.

The purpose of a center-line rumble stripe is to alert drivers that they may be inadvertently crossing into oncoming traffic. This is the first center-lane to have a rumble stripe in Northeast Florida. It is the hope of the Department that this extra precaution will help crack down on distracted driving and prevent unnecessary crashes.


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