Watch for those floods on our roadways during these stormy days!

The Overland Bridge replacement project on Interstate 95, downtown Jacksonville, is a complex project – for design and construction as well as other factors.

Sometimes when it rains it pours, as was the case Tuesday afternoon during rush-hour traffic and in recent days when stormy weather erupts.

Our contractor and crews are aware that spots for potential flooding could arise quickly with the ongoing construction and know water can puddle at any time and place.

They stay alert and check travel lanes as soon as it is safe to do so.

The major projects like this create some challenges as construction changes almost daily. Sometimes these changes impact the flow of storm water and the crews will have to constantly adjust until the project is finished sometime late 2016 or early 2017.

Concerning Tuesday afternoon, construction crews noticed rain collected on the south half of the new ramp K flyover. (shown on the left side of the photo below)

Overland Bridge - Ramp K

A new ramp is being built to take traffic from I-95 south to eastbound Atlantic and Beach Boulevards in Jacksonville.

Water drained back toward the end section of one of the bridge spans, causing one of the joint blocks to be moved. Since bridge joints have not been installed yet, the water fell below to the current eastbound Atlantic and Beach Boulevard ramp, cause water to build up in the active exit ramp.

The construction teams hope some of the new ramp joints can be installed soon to help with diverting water to the desired holding area instead of on the roadways.

Overland Ramp K work

Construction teams discuss procedures in preparing the ramp deck and barrier walls.

Various challenges will arise throughout the project until we get close to being finished. We’ll then have the proper drainage system installed that will take storm water into the retention ponds where they’ll hold the water before releasing filtered water into the main waterways.

Motorists should exercise caution during heavy rains, especially around construction zones. Know and use alternate routes in case a roadway is blocked.

First Coast News in Jacksonville ran a story about this tonight.

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